Mommy and Me 3D Hand Print ~ Mother’s Day Craft


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When our daughter was an infant we made heart shaped 3D plasters of her hand and foot print for Mother’s Day gifts for her Granny and  Grandma. The craft turned out so cute, I wanted to do a similar craft with her now that she is 4.

This “Mommy and Me 3D HandPrint” craft is the perfect craft to do with little ones for Mother’s Day. 



  1. Flatten play-doh into the bottom of your mold. (My mom gave me the vintage plastic heart mold we used).
  2. Place Mommy’s hand in the center and press down firmly without going through to the bottom of the mold
  3. Align your child’s hand inside your own print and press firmly
  4. Mix and pour plaster of paris into the mold
  5. Let it dry for approx five minutes and add your hanger/ hook to the back we used a plastic tooth floss to prop up the wall hanger from submerging completely in the plaster
  6. Let it dry thoroughly
  7. Pop out of mold and peel the playdoh off
  8. *Optional – Paint your plaster hand prints. We didn’t paint ours. We got the beautiful tie dye look, because we  used play-doh from our mixed color play-doh container. We are very happy with how the play-doh stained the plaster. 
  9. Hang and display your beautiful 3D hand print art!

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  1. Madison K.

    This takes the hand print plaster up to another level! Love love love it! Is this plaster kit relatively inexpensive? I want to do many of these 🙂 My mind is rolling with ideas now.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you love it! We do too <3 My Mom gave me the plaster kit, and it is not available on Amazon at this time. You could also use a heart shaped silicone mold. 🙂

  2. Cathleen

    Hey thanks for posting this useful information about mommy and me 3d hand print mothers day craft here, I really think it will be useful to many. It will help a lot; these types of content should get appreciated. I will bookmark your site; I hope to read more such informative contents in future. Appreciative a kinder teacher.

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