Give An Ottoman A New Look With Spray Paint!


Fabric & Vinyl Spray Paint
Scotch Guard

Check out this ottoman that was transformed using black ‘Fabric & Vinyl’ spray paint! I am in a group on Facebook called “Thrift Store and Garage Sale Up-Cycling Projects” I saw a post that was put up by Leah Cade of Charlotte, North Carolina. She said, that she  “Spray painted a newer ottoman my friend was getting rid of. ‘Fabric & Vinyl’ spray paint from Autozone in black 😱😱. Had no idea it would come out looking textured. So cool! Needed 3 cans and it still wouldn’t cover. Stepped back & said, no it’s covering but just showing the texture! Dries quick!! No primer. Just sprayed. Sealed with scotch guard. Feels a little stiff but perfect for coffee table ottoman.” Leah, also said, it took about an hour to dry and there was no lingering smell.

I absolutely agree, the textured look is so cool! I’m in love with this revamped gorgeous tufted ottoman. The style is much classier and gives it a more modern look…. Thank you Leah, for allowing me to share your project with my readers!  

A close-up of the repainted ottoman! Check out that textured design showing through!

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  1. Stacie

    It’s got that velvety look! I had no idea that furniture could be spray painted! Glad you mentioned it didn’t have a lingering smell – I was wondering about this when I first saw it.

    1. It does have a velvety look, oh, I love velvet! She did a great job 🙂 I’m glad there is no smell, that was one of my concerns too. It gives me so many ideas!

  2. PJ

    Great idea! i have an ottoman just like this one!

  3. Lani

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