Hygloss Make Your Own Kaleidoscope Kit

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When I found this fun little make your own kaleidoscope activity by Hygloss on amazon I knew my Kindergartener would love it.  What kid isn’t fascinated by the patterns in these mesmerizing little toys?! It’s an excellent science craft, they’ll learn about patterns, colors, and reflections. Let the kids get creative by personalizing and decorating their kaleidoscope stickers, paint, crayons, markers and more! Twist the tube while holding it up towards the light to enjoy a brilliant display of colors.

This complete kit includes a white tube, mirror, eyehole, chamber with lens, colorful transparent tiles, and instructions. The kaleidoscope kit makes 1 kaleidoscope that measures 6-3/4 inches long and 1-3/8 inches in diameter.

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  1. Stacie

    You find the best kits! I didn’t even know a kaleidoscope kit existed. This looks really fun, I used to love these things when I was little. Kids have the coolest things these days haha.

    1. They do have the coolest things! I love kits like this that give them understanding how the thing works!

  2. RebeccaDok

    You have my heart with the projects you create! <3

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