Magician & Magic Rabbit Hand Print Craft

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For Father’s Day 2018, we did a few crafts. Here is one of them.

My Dad has been doing magic since he was a child. I knew I wanted to do a craft that had to do with Magic, I came up with this “Magician & Magic Rabbit Hand Print” craft. It’s the perfect Father’s Day gift, we knew Grandpa would love!

This was made with two of his Granddaughters hand prints. My four year old daughter’s hand is the magician. The magic rabbit hand print was made using my youngest brothers’s daughters hand, who is also four years old.  

The project turned out cuter then I imagined! The girls were so excited to give their homemade gift to their Grandpa! 


  1. We started with the Magician hand print. I painted all my daughters fingers black except for her middle finger.  I painted her palm with the flesh/ skin tone paint.
  2. I stamped her hand flat onto the canvas.
  3. I drew the line under the Magician’s feet for the stage, then painted the stage in brown.
  4. My nieces palm, index and pinkie fingers, I painted gray. Then stamped her hand flat onto the canvas, close to the “stage”.
  5. I added little feet and a tail to the rabbit.
  6. When the Magician dried I added some gray hair, a top hat and  a little black to the pants area. I used hot glue to attach the googly eyes on the magician and rabbit.
  7. I cut the red pipe cleaner for the mouth bent it to shape and cut a little yellow nose from pipe cleaner and hot glued them to the magician. 
  8. I cut two pieces of yellow pipe cleaner the same size, for the rabbit’s whiskers. and hot glued them in the center crossing each other. 
  9. I made the little rabbit mouth, by cutting the red  pipe cleaner the same size and bent them to shape. Then I hot glued them together.
  10. I glued the mouth to the bottom of the whiskers and glued them to the canvas. I glued the little white pom-pom to the top center of the rabbit’s whiskers.
  11. I printed the “Father’s Day June 17, 2018” onto a translucent shipping label and stuck it on.

“Tada” we made a cute piece of art for Grandpa’s wall!

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  1. Madison K.

    The googly eyes just make this even more cuter. I love all hand print art! You have the best examples.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you like our hand print art! I agree, I love googly eyes, makes almost any face craft cuter!

  2. Gloria Evans

    The magician is so cute, I thought it was humpty dumpty at first 🙂 Now that gives me another idea….

  3. Christina Y

    My brother is a magician! He will love this for Father’s Day! Thank you for this idea!!

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