Cardboard Box Police Car

Check out this awesome “Cardboard Box Police Car”, my friend Erica and her husband made for their 3-year-old son’s preschool class! Erica said, “The school is teaching the kids about transportation right now so to finish off the topic they are allowing the kids to watch a movie in their own cars to simulate a drive in theater. Super cute…. He requested a cop car so Mommy went to work. 👮 😂 Hubby and I had so much fun making this car for our son. 🎥 🍿 🚓” 

I definitely agree. Erica, this is a super cute idea and so much fun!  

Great job Mom and Dad.... I love this Police Car!!

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White box

Paint: Black, white, red and blue paint

Paper plates (the wheels)

Paper cups (for tail and headlights and for the wheels. That’s what under the foil on the wheels).

Pre-cut black and white letters.

Aluminum foil (Windows and windshield are cardboard cutouts wrapped in foil and foil for the wheels)

The Classroom of Cars set up for movie day!

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  1. Piper G.

    I loved seeing all the cardboard cars together! The unicorn ones are super cute too. Your friends did a great job on the cop car.

  2. Kevin

    My kid would love this

  3. Eli James

    oh wow! these look amazing, I’m going to build this car 😉


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