Bunny Rabbit Hand Print & Carrot Footprint ~ Easter Craft

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Today we woke up and made this fun little Easter craft! My four year old loves anything that has to do with paint! We had so much fun making this craft together. This adorable bunny rabbit hand print and carrot footprint craft is perfect for Spring!



  1. I painted the bottom of her foot orange, except her toes. I paint her toes green for the carrot tops.
  2. While it dried I paint the grass.
  3. I painted my daughters hand and two fingers white (see photo below)
  4.  I carefully stamped her hand.
  5.  After the carrot dried. I mixed a little brown with my orange paint, and painted the lines in the carrot.
  6.  I cut a pipe cleaner in four identical small pieces.
  7. I took the pipe cleaner pieces and hot glued two together, and then glued all four. (see photos below)
  8.  I hotglued a pom pom on the top center of the pipe cleaners
  9.  I cut & bent two little pipe cleaners for bunny’s mouth.
  10.  I hotglued them together (see photos)
  11. Then hot glued the whole thing to bunny print
  12.  Last I hot glued the eyes and bow

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