Learn The Science To Making Gum – With The “Bubble Gum Factory” Kit By, Scientific Explorer

When I saw this “Bubble Gum Factory” kit, I knew my preschooler would be ecstatic to try it. I like to use these kits and incorporate them into a larger study.

  • First, we read the pamphlet included with the history of gum.
  • Next, We watched video’s on YouTube –
    • The history of gum
    • How gum is made in a factory
    • A video of someone doing this Bubble Gum Factory” kit
  • Then we made gum from the “Bubble Gum Factory” kit! 🙂 
  • We did a gum “science” experiment” I found online. I’ll update it in this post later. 
  • Last, we made a bubble gum machine color-word, match craft. I found on another blog.

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Bubble Gum Factory Kit

We were able to make gum with the kit several times and we even took the kit over to a friends’ house who had 3 other kids and we made gum again with all of them. We still have ingredients to make more gum.

Gumball Machine Word Match Craft


I found this educational printable “gumball machine color matching with craft poms poms” for free created by the blog “Repeat Crafter Me” She has 4 different gumball machines to pick from. Our colored printer wasn’t working at this time, all we had is a black and white.  My 5-year-old read the color on the printable and matched with the pom pom, dipping it in glue first. She had a lot of fun making this. we hung it in her, she asked me to hang it so she can reach it and pretend it is a real machine.  

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  1. Tina

    When I was a kid, I never thought much about how gum was made so this bubble gum making kit is AWESOME! I have to get this for my kids for Christmas. They love gum, watermelon is their favorite flavor. I also love the word matching gumball picture too – genius!

    1. Thank you for reading! Your kids will love the Bubble Gum Factory! We made several batches with different groups of friends, its defiantly a favorite for kids!

  2. Kelsey S.

    Seems this particular brand of bubble gum factory kit is currently unavailable on Amazon. Is there another brand you would recommend? Maybe I can try to find it somewhere else too… Thanks!

    1. The Scientific Explorer bubble gum kit is the only one I have tried, so it’s the only one I can personally recommend. With all families being forced to home school right now, many kits are sold out but hopefully will be restocked soon!

    2. Brittni

      @Kelsey S. we found it at Walmart!! Check online, they might have it. Or keep checking Amazon, they restock randomly sometimes.

  3. Joy Fletcher

    Looks like you def. get a lot out of the kit! Looks delicious.

  4. Tanya

    I like the pom pom idea even more than coloring in the gumballs on the coloring page!

    The gum making kit looks really awesome, did it have sour gum in there, did I read that right?

    Thank you!

  5. Gia Carapelli

    So cool that it included the pamphlet about the history of gum. Adding this to my kids’ Christmas list 🙂

  6. Sarah

    If candy’s involved, my kids are game!

  7. Danica

    The Bubble Gum Factory is awesome!! We did this exact kit 2 years ago, my kids always ask when we can do it again and I always forgot to buy it, lol.

    1. Yes it is awesome! Mine have been asking too… I am going to order ingredients so we can make 100% natural gum next time. Please subscribe to my email, so you don’t miss 🙂

  8. Dante

    What a fun and different gift idea, adding to my Amazon wishlist!

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