The Ultimate List of Easter Egg Fillers – Over 133 ideas!

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Filling your own Easter Eggs can be fun, it can also be difficult to figure out what to put in them. I compiled a list of fun items to make the perfect Easter Eggs.



– Band-aids (fun, printed)

– Balloons/ water balloons

– Barbie (accessories, clothes & shoes)

– Bath bomb (mini)

– Bath Toys (mini)

– Beach ball (unfilled)

– Beads and string to make jewelry

– Bendable Rabbit

– Bicycle Decals

– Board Books (mini)

– Bouncy Balls

– Bubbles (mini bottle)

– Cape

– Chap stick or lip balm

– Chalk Pieces

– Craft supplies (Confetti bags, glitter vials, googly eyes, pipe-cleaners, pom poms)

– Coin Purse

– Coins (nickels, dimes, quarters, silver dollars)

– Compass  (mini)

– Cookie Cutters (mini)

– Crayons

– Dental Floss

– Dice

– Dollar bills (you can put in the egg that is really hard to find, or a golden egg)


– Erasers, pencil eraser tops

– Figurines (animals, army men, bugs, dinosaurs, parachute man, Pokemon)

Finger Lights

Finger Puppets

Finger skateboards

– Foam Shapes

– Games (Jacks and a ball)

– Gloves (Satin or lace for dress up)

– Glow in the dark stars

Glow sticks

– Grow Capsules (The little pills that you put in water and watch grow) 

– Guitar Picks

– Hair Accessories (Barrett’s, bows, clips, head-wraps, rubber bands, pony tails, colored hair extensions)

– Hair Chalk

– Hex Bug

– Ink Pad

– Instruments (Kazoo, whistle, mini egg maracas)

– Jewelry Play (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, light up rings, mood ring, slap bracelets, stick on earrings, watch)

– Jibbitz (Little charms, that you stick in the holes of Crocs shoes)

– Kaleidoscope (mini)

– Keychain or Keychain flashlight

– Legos / lego mini figs

– Little People (Fisher Price)

Littlest Pet Shop

– Lotion (mini tube)

– Magic Towels (molded in shapes & they expand to a full size washcloth when put in water. Can be found at the dollar store)

– Make-up (body glitter, lip gloss, nail polish)

– Magnetic Bookmarks

– Magnets/ alphabet magnets

– Magnifying glass (mini)

– Marbles

– Markers (mini)

– Minecraft Characters

– Mirror (mini, compact)

– Movie Tickets

– Nail stickers

– Nerf Darts

– Pencil Grippers

– Pencil Sharpener

– Perfume (sample size)

– Pirate Eye patch

– Playdoh (mini)

– Play Foam

– Polly Pocket Dolls

– Poppers (mini)

Punch Ball Balloon (blows up)

– Rocks (interesting, pretty, polished)

– Rubber duck (mini)

 – Rubber Stamps (mini)

– Scarf/ handkerchief

– Seashells

– Seed Packets (flowers, herbs, etc… plant them together after Easter)

– Sewing kit (mini)

– Shopkins

– Shoelace Charms

– Shoelaces (fun, printed)

– Silly Putty

– Slime

– Slinky (mini)

– Socks (small, fun, printed)

– Spinning top

– Squeeze balls / stress balls

– Squishy soft animals (dollar store)

– Squinkies

– Squirt gun (mini)

– Stickers

– Sticky Hands

– Temporary Tattoos

– Tokens (Chuck E Cheese)

– Toothbrush (travel size)

– Toothpaste (travel size)

– Toy cars (hot wheels, pull back race cars)

– Washi Tape

– Whoopee Cushion

– Wind up toys (mini)

– Yoyo (mini)


– Gift certificates/ coupons (for things like an ice cream cone or a movie night coupon)

– Jokes (Easter related)

– Notes (Inspirational, Love)

– Playdoh

– Slime

– Slime


– Celery & baby Carrots 

– Cereal (Cheerios, Kix)

– Cereal Bars/ Granola bars

– Cookies (Animal cookies, Circus Cookies, Nilla wafers, Teddy Grahams)

– Crackers (Animal, cheese, Goldfish, Peanut butter)

– Cuties (tiny oranges)

– Dried Fruit

– Drink powder (individual packet, kool-aid packet)

– Fruit Snacks & Roll -Ups

– Grapes

– Jerky

– Juice Box

– Nuts

– Popcorn

– Pretzels (Chocolate, Plain, Yogurt)

– Puffs

– Raisins/ Craisins

– Trail mix

– Yogurt melts & Raisins


– Candy Bars (Snack size)

– Chocolate Eggs & bunnies

– Cookies (Animal Cookies, Circus Cookies, Teddy Grahams)

 – Gum/ Gumballs

– Gummy bears or worms

– Jelly beans

– Lifesavers

 Marshmallows (they sell colored Easter shapes)

– M&Ms

– Mints

– Skittles

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 I hope you were able to get some inspiration from this list and are ready to fill up your child’s Easter Eggs.

What are your favorite things to include in an Easter Eggs? I would love to hear your ideas… Please feel free to message me or leave a comment.

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