Dr. Seuss “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” – Hot Air Balloon Suncatcher Craft

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Yesterday we loaded up our crafting supplies and went to our friends’ house. In celebration of Dr. Seuss’s 115th birthday, we read “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” and three cute boys, joined my daughter and I in creating hot air balloon suncatchers. They turned out awesome!

I love creating lessons with crafts that are inspired by children’s books. They help encourage children to read, makes the stories come to life and its a way too make learning fun!


  1. Cut out little squares from tissue paper
  2. Use a bowl  or other circular object to trace a circle onto contact paper
  3. Let kids decorate their balloon with  the tissue squares
  4. Take another piece of contact paper and stick it together with the decorated piece
  5.  Cut a pipe cleaner in half and place in the middle of the clear contact sheets
  6. Cut a piece of cardstock to size and let  the kids color and decorate it
  7. Hot glue the pipe cleaner to the inside of the contact sheets and to the back of the cardstock
  8. Use double stick tape to  attach to the windows

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  1. Piper G.

    I also like how it ties in with books. It’s so important to get kids interested in reading at a young age! Crafts are so important too I believe, it’s good for kids to show their creativity, I just wish they encouraged more creative projects with older kids/teens in school.

    1. I agree, this is one reason we home school…. Most public schools do not encourage enough creativity.

      1. Gloria Evans

        You are so right! Public schools are lacking, we have been homeschooling for 3 years now and the kids really like it. They are thriving.

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