Mess Free Painting in a Bag

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While going through old photos I found this one of my oldest daughter who was about 1 year old here (she is now 5!) This mess-free painting was an activity we used to love to do when she was younger. Easy setup, mess-free, and no clean up



  • Place a piece of paper in a large ziplock bag
  • Place drops of paint, any colors you choose on the paper
  • Seal up the bag and tape it to the table
  • Let your little one smash and mix the colors around
  • When they are finished carefully remove their art and let it dry

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  1. Piper G.

    No clean up = a win for me! I will have to try this one soon, just gotta get some paint.

    1. We love mess free painting! <3 I've been meaning to update with other examples, you can paint on little wooden or on plaster decorations mess free as well 🙂

  2. Brandy

    This concept is so cool! I have never thought of this. Wish I knew this when my kids were little. Will be doing with my Grand babies though so excited for them too visit tomorrow.

  3. Tammy

    I think it will be helpful for lot of people who are looking for mess free painting in a bag. Thank you very much for sharing this article, this is really helpful for me, thanks again! I have a bog as well, Stole this idea for my site!! Haha Thanks!

  4. Dale

    This article tells you regarding the mess free painting in a bag. It is a pleasure worth reading this article. This blog happens to be one of the best blog, which give proper details about it. I enjoyed reading this blog and would suggest others too.

  5. Vanni

    Thank you for making this post on the mess free painting in a bag. Cant wait to try with my 4 kids! I will come to read more in future.

    1. Have fun mess free painting! Please subscribe to stay updated with new posts 🙂

  6. Clare

    Thank you for sharing about mess free painting in a bag, these will be really helpful for me. I love reading this blog; it talks so much about planning a great idea about it. Keep sharing such informative articles in future, will be appreciated.

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