Colorful Music Man Shaker Instrument

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When we started creating this silly musical instrument, we weren’t imagining putting a face on him. After we put it together and had added the ribbon to the top. We realized how cute it would be, if we made the shaker a face. So we added googly eyes and some pasta we had on hand (that we dyed for a previous project). I love how fun and colorful he is and he looks so cute in our music corner (photo shown in the bottom of this post)! 

Supplies to create a musical shaker instrument



  1. Dye your popcorn kernels and pasta if you want them colored.
  2. Peel labels and clean the Voss water bottle.
  3. Fill with popcorn (I used 5 tablespoons, 1 tablespoon for each color)
  4. Super glue on lid
  5. Add eye-hook to the top
  6. Tie ribbons to the top and use the lighter to burn the ends of the ribbon so it doesn’t fray
  7. Hot glue googly eyes and pasta to create his face


Dyed popcorn kernels

We used these old spice containers I had saved, to dye the popcorn kernels in.

Music Corner in the playroom at the Creative Home Life Blog -

Our playroom music corner

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