The Ultimate Maternity Hospital Bag Checklist for Baby, Mom and Dad

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With the due date of our second child quickly approaching, I have started to put together our hospital bags and thought to put together a list to help others as well. 

You visiting this post must mean your precious baby’s due date just around the corner and you will want to make sure your hospital bags are packed. It is recommended to have most everything ready to go when your 8 months pregnant since you could go into labor at any time, and you’ll likely be spending a night or two (or more) in the maternity ward. This handy checklist has suggestions for baby, you and your husband or birthing partner to be sure you are prepared. This list contains overnight essentials and other suggestions, every hospital or birthing center does things differently and will provide you different necessities, it is advised you ask what will be supplied so you know what to bring from home. Try not to stress or overpack, this is a list of suggestions, you will not need everything. After you put your bags together you will want to leave the bags either in your car or near your front door.


 NOTE: You really won’t need to pack much for the baby, they will provide almost everything you need.

Infant Car seat properly installed in your vehicle.
 Your pediatrician’s contact information.
 A few sleepers and onesies, socks, scratch mittens.
 A going home outfit (button shirt, pants, socks, or pants with footies (so you don’t need to bring socks). Pack 2 different size outfits as you don’t know how big or small baby will be (1 newborn and 1 00-3 months).
 Warm blanket for the drive home.
 A plastic bag to bring home the dirty, soiled clothes in.
 Bring an extra bag for freebies from the hospital.
 Comb
 Nail clippers
 Vaseline (To cover the baby’s butt with after diaper changes, and when they have those nasty meconuim, black tar poops), helps it to wipe right off. Also prevents diaper rash.
 Breastfeeding pillow
 Baby Book- Bring in the event the nurses are nice enough to imprint baby’s footprints in it.
 Pacifiers (if you plan on using them)
 Bottles & Formula (if you plan on using)
Breast pump (this is the one I have) – If you need to learn how to use yours. Most hospitals have a lactation consultant that visit each patient and can help you with breastfeeding and show you how to use your pump.

Things the hospital usually provides

 Diapers and unscented wipes – they provide you with all that you will need
 Receiving blankets
 Hat
 Burp Cloths
 Nasal aspirator – the one they give you is way better than anything you can buy


Make a list of stuff you use every day to not forget

 ID/ Insurance Card
 Electronics: Cell phone, Tablet, Camera and the chargers / extra batteries, extra long charging cable for cell phone
 Headphones/ ear plugs
 Makeup
 Makeup remover wipes
 Hair ties
 Hairbrush
 Toothbrush/ paste
 Dry shampoo/ Shampoo/ Conditioner
 Body wash
 Chapstick / Lip balm
 Blowdryer and or shower cap
 Deodorant
 Pillow – hospital ones can be thin (make sure to use a pillow case that’s not white)
 Prenatal vitamins
 Contacts or glasses (if you wear them)


 ID & Insurance card
 Folder for paperwork
 Birth plan (if you have one) – 3 copies – One for you, one for nurse/ doctor, one extra
 Any hospital paperwork you had to fill out beforehand
 If you’re saving baby’s cord blood, you may need to pack the cord-blood kit
 Contact List
 Notebook or journal and pen
 A towel you don’t care about and a garbage bag (for the drive to the hospital). Put the garbage bag down on your seat and then the towel. That way, if your water breaks or your leaking on the way to the hospital, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the car later.
 Nursing bra & nursing top
 Robe
 Nightgown or pajamas that unbutton for breastfeeding
 Flip flops (shower & walking the halls)
 Old underwear or disposable like adult diapers if you don’t want to wear the mesh underwear from the hospital
 Loose comfy clothes to wear home
 Sanitary wipes
 Lotion and/ or massage oil (you may want a massage while in labor)
 Razor
 Birthing ball
 Olive or coconut oil (If you’re going to nurse – its 10x better then store bought nipple cream, and a natural anti-bacterial.
 Handheld fan or Spray bottle (cooling down during labor)
 Soothing picture or stuffed animal for focal point while pushing
 Refillable Water bottle (with straw) / coconut or vitamin water
 Snacks (a few bars or trail mix) hard candy, gum, lollipops for dry mouth… (Sugar-free – candy with sugar will make you thirsty)
 Change for vending machines, or in case you can’t use your cell phone
 Watch or smartphone with an app to time contractions
 Eye mask & ear plugs for napping
 Essential oils (if you use them)
 Towel – Hospital ones are thin you may want a thicker one
 Music (mp3 player or load music to your phone), books or magazines, games, playing cards

Things the hospital usually provides

 Dermoplast or Lidocaine numbing pain relief spray for vagina… Definitely ask for extra numbing spray. Also, some hospitals provide ice pack pads (they help with the sting from any stitches or general pain)… Ask for extras or you can make some homemade.
 A Peri bottle (for spraying off down there, hurts to wipe)
 Maxi pads or depends
 Nursing Breast Pads
 Manual breast pump
 Nipple Shields (if baby has trouble latching)
 Hand Sanitizer
 Stool softener
 Non-slip Socks
 Mesh underwear (If you want to bring your own, bring old undies that you are willing to toss)
 Belly wrap/ binder (might want to buy one, if your hospital won’t provide you with one. It will help shrink your swollen uterus down and tummy down faster)

Husband or Birthing Partners Bag

 Contact list
 Change of clothes, boxers, socks, t-shirts, Comfortable gym shorts & gym pants
 Slippers or House shoes / Flip flops (if he is planning on showering at the hospital)
 Toothbrush & paste
 Pillow and blanket
 Deodorant
 Soap
 Razor & shave cream
 Tennis ball (for massaging back) or wooden back massager
 Coins (vending machine)
 Snacks & drinks (salty, like pretzels or goldfish crackers, sweet, such as hard candies, M&M’s or gummy bears, protein, think beef jerky or protein bars and healthy/fresh, dried fruit or carrot sticks, trail mix, granola bars or other favorite snacks.
 Book/iPad/laptop/headphones & general entertainment. Download a few new podcasts to listen to in case there is some downtime. Things to help you relax or pass the time, such as books, magazines, or a tablet computer.
 Swimwear, if they want to join you in a birth pool.
 Mobile phone and charger. If their phone has a stopwatch/timer function, they can use it to help time your contractions. Or there are apps available that can do the job for them.
 Eye mask & ear plugs for napping
 Any daily medication and Aleve (or other headache medication)


I hope this checklist makes it easier to put your hospital bags together.

Thank you for reading!

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    Great list. Personally, I didn’t wear makeup the whole time I was in the hospital, lol. It wasn’t my time to look good hah.

    I had not thought of saving the cord blood! That is fascinating. Do you need to save the tissue too? Or how do you get the blood?

  2. Gloria Evans

    This is the best list for the hospital when you are pregnant. You didn’t leave out a thing 🙂

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    Wow! This is so helpful, mom/ preggo brain here! I could not think of what to pack. Thank you!

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