The Ultimate List of Reading Reward Programs for Kids

Rewards are very motivating! I compiled this list of FREE reading reward programs, to help encourage your child to read more. Some programs are available yearly while others are only offered during the summer, and a couple on my list are local to Riverside, CA…..  Read over the list and see which programs would work well for your family, class or group!

  • Audio Books Sync – During the summer teens 13+ will be able to download 2 Free audiobooks a week. 
  • Barnes & Noble “Book Your Summer” – Read 8 Books, log the name and favorite part of the book in your journal, and receive a free book! (Teens and adults can participate in this program).
  • Chuck E. Cheese Rewards – Download the Reading Rewards calendar.  Your child reads a book a day for two weeks, earning them 10 free play points. (They have many other reward calendars and certificates to earn more play points).
  • In-N-Out “Cover to Cover” –  A school principal has to order rewards on behalf of the school. At this time, individuals cannot participate.
  • Pizza Hut “BOOK IT!” – Your child reads 20 books  0r 20 minutes, earning them a free personal pan pizza. Log the number of books online when they meet their goal they receive a coupon code for their pizza.
  • Sylvan Learning “Book Adventure” – Child reads books and then takes a quiz to make sure they comprehend what they read. They earn points based on how much they remember from reading the book.

Thank you for reading!

Do you know of a free reading rewards program, that is not listed? Please comment below with the link, so I can add it to the list!

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