Simple Skittles Science Experiment

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Are you looking for a simple science experiment? This is a must try experiment to do with little ones and it only takes two ingredients; Skittles and Warm water. 

My preschool daughter loves science experiments, and rainbows! She had so much fun, creating these mesmerizing rainbow Skittle designs watching the colors swirl and mix.



  1. Have your child line up the Skittles in a circle on a plate or dish that is slightly concave. We just tried circles, but other shapes would be fun to try too.
  2. Once the circle or shape has been completed pour in warm temperature water in the middle. Make sure to add enough that it goes right to the edge of the candy on all sides.
  3. After the warm water is added, wait thirty seconds to see the colors begin dissolving away from the candy shells and creating a beautiful design.  
  4. At the end I let my daughter mix the colors together.

Watch our Simple Skittles Science Experiment video below.

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