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Do you struggle to keep the house consistently clean and organized? One of my personal goals has been to create a cleaning schedule and stick with it! With a schedule or routine it’s easier to stay on top of cleaning and keeping your house tidy on a daily basis, I have put together a monthly list as well, to maintain deep cleaning and organizing throughout the year… I also prefer to clean, based on the chore I’m doing. If I am going to pull out the mop and bucket, I would rather mop all floors that day. This is the same for bathrooms. I have my bathroom cleaning supplies out, I am going to clean them all the same day, it saves time & energy. 

This schedule below has been working for my family. Please feel free to modify the schedule to work for your household. Happy Cleaning! 


DAILY ~ Make beds, dishes, water plants, sweep & vacuum (as needed), tidy up,  take out trash & recycling, sort mail

MONDAY | VACUUM & MOP ~ Sweep, wash & vacuum all floors & stairs. Spot check carpets & rugs. – LAUNDRY – Whites

TUESDAY | BEDROOMS & PLAYROOM ~ Change Sheets, dust furniture, switch plate, door handle, quick vacuum, clean/ sanitze dirty toys, empty ALL trash and put cans at curb – LAUNDRY – Sheets

WEDNESDAY | KITCHEN & DINING ~ Clean out fridge & pantry, clean counters, table, appliances, stove, switch plates & cabinet doors, dust, sweep, Clean pet bowls – LAUNDRY – Lights

THURSDAY | OFFICE & LIVING AREAS ~ Dust furniture, vacuum under cushions, freshen fabric & pillows, quick vacuum, disinfect, switch plates, door handle, keyboards & remotes, organize/ clean & wipe down desk – LAUNDRY – Darks

FRIDAY | BATHROOMS & LAUNDRY ROOM ~ Clean mirrors, counters, sinks, faucets, toilets, showers and tubs, switch plate, door handle, sweep, change towels, wipe down washer & dryer, organize shelves – LAUNDRY – Towels

SATURDAY | OUTSIDE ~ Mow lawn & pick weeds, fill green can, sweep driveway, front & back porch- spray down as needed, clean cars. – LAUNDRY – Work towels & Rags (as needed)

SUNDAY | REST ~ Family day!



JANUARY ~ Organize & deep clean bedrooms, flip mattresses, clean rugs
FEBRUARY ~ Organize closets & donate clothes, clean ceiling fans & light fixtures
MARCH ~ Organize garage, clean up outside, dust cobwebs
APRIL ~ Clean blinds, curtains & windows, clean & spot check furniture, clean rugs
MAY ~ Organize & deep clean bathrooms
JUNE ~ Shampoo carpets, clean walls, baseboards, moldings, doors & vents, dust cobwebs
JULY ~ Organize & deep clean pantry/ storage cupboards, flip mattresses, clean rugs
AUGUST ~ Clean ceiling fans & light fixtures
SEPTEMBER ~ Clean kitchen, clean up outside, dust cobwebs
OCTOBER ~ Clean & spot check furniture, clean rugs
NOVEMBER ~ Deep clean & organize laundry room
DECEMBER ~ Shampoo carpets, clean walls, baseboards, moldings & doors & vents, dust cobwebs


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  1. Raven Johnson

    This is so helpful! I have sturggled with getting a routine together, especially because my babies are small and it just never seems to end. I like the idea of breaking it up into different days instead of feeling like it all has to be done in one day, everyday. Takes a lot of pressure off. I am definitely using this! Thank you boo ;*

    1. Yes I know the struggle! A cleaning routine definetly makes keeping up with housework less overwhelming. Hope it helps!

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