Learn The Science To Making Gum – With The “Bubble Gum Factory” Kit By, Scientific Explorer

When I saw this “Bubble Gum Factory” kit, I knew my preschooler would be ecstatic to try it. I like to use these kits and incorporate them into a larger study.

  • First, we read the pamphlet included with the history of gum.
  • Next, We watched video’s on YouTube –
    • The history of gum
    • How gum is made in a factory
    • A video of someone doing this Bubble Gum Factory” kit
  • Then we made gum from the “Bubble Gum Factory” kit! πŸ™‚Β 
  • We did a gum “science” experiment” I found online. I’ll update it in this post later.Β 
  • Last, we made a bubble gum machine color-word, match craft. I found on another blog.

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Bubble Gum Factory Kit

We were able to make gum with the kit several times and we even took the kit over to a friends’ house who had 3 other kids and we made gum again with all of them. We still have ingredients to make more gum.

Gumball Machine Word Match Craft


I found this educational printable “gumball machine color matching with craft poms poms”Β for free created by the blog “Repeat Crafter Me” She has 4 different gumball machines to pick from. Our colored printer wasn’t working at this time, all we had is a black and white.Β  My 5-year-old read the color on the printable and matched with the pom pom, dipping it in glue first. She had a lot of fun making this. we hung it in her, she asked me to hang it so she can reach it and pretend it is a real machine.Β Β 

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